About Rocky

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Rocky Mann has been a professional studio potter for over 53 years, graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1971. Having earned a Fine Arts degree from UNH, he travelled to Europe for a short apprenticeship in a Danish pottery and then returned to Maine to set up his first studio in Tenants Harbor.

Rocky remains continuously challenged and fascinated with the art of clay.  “Shaping and decorating each piece of pottery gives form and substance to my life. I cannot imagine a better medium for creative expression than clay.”

Rocky’s work now focuses on using clay as a canvas. He works with a variety of techniques and firing methods, including high-fire glazed porcelain, raku and saggarware. He uses images from the natural world that surrounds him on Mount Desert Island to create graphic patterns and themes in his work, such as his Birch Series and Starry Night in Acadia Landscapes.

“Many of my clients and patrons have become personal friends and often provide encouragement and incentive for new directions in my work. Please browse and enjoy the select pieces displayed on my site.”

Please feel free to contact me with your comments and questions.