Saggar Ware Collection

Sagger Ware pottery is a process of containment. The pot is first thrown from porcelain clay. As it dries I brush on a fine particle clay called Terra Sigillata. After the bisque firing I fire the pot two different ways. The first way I put the pot in a Saggar. This is nothing more then a large pot with a lid. With the pot inside the Saggar I add combustible materials, sawdust, seaweed, flowers and anything that might give an interesting affect. The second way is I coat the bisque pot with an iron wash, add some horse hair or a granular sugar, which creates carbon when fired, then wrap the piece in two layers of aluminum foil and fire it to a low temperature of 1200°. This is sometimes called Foil Saggar. In both techniques the idea is the same: to contain the combustible materials so when fired it penetrates the surface of the pot. There is no glaze used and each piece is incredibly unique and different.

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